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Driving with the Jones


Madness in suburbia.

"Driving with the Jones" - commissioned for the 10th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia - is a project by Nicola Koller in collaboration with Squint/Opera to muse on urban sprawl in the UK in 2020 and on the significance of the suburban countryside as only an aesthetic experience, as well as an innovative way to stimulate discussion and debate about the future.

The short film, by means of an ironic storytelling, explores everyday life in the suburban area of an hypothetical and surrealistic future England, where the economic crisis has pushed men to hunt cows with their cars along the roundabout motorways of an aesthetically perfect countryside. The narration of an apparently normal everyday life gradually turns out to be an apocalyptic scenario of "madness in suburbia".


Architect: Nicola Koller

United Kingdom 2006
Duration: 5'53''