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Cubierta Cazucá

El equipo de Mazzanti

A simple story for a successful public intervention in the slums of Bogotá.

This video by Juan Carlos Lorza outlines how even the most restrained urban intervention might have a high potential in terms of requalification of the public space.

While approaching the area of intervention, the film records the daily routines around the "Cubierta Cazucá" designed by Giancarlo Mazzanti Arquitectos in the slums of Bogotá (Colombia), a 700 square meter canopy that transforms the development project for a basketball court into an important aggregation point for the city.


Co-author: Juan Carlos Lorza
Architect: El equipo de Mazzanti
Mentioned project: Cubierta Cazucá
Project location: Bogotà, Colombia

Colombia 2011
Duration: 3'33''

Selected for CITY VISIONS (Turin; April - October 2012), a series of public talks, conferences, and architecture videos on six dates curated by Image for URBAN CENTER METROPOLITANO.