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El equipo de Mazzanti
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In the last decade the Municipality of Medellìn has been promoting a broad program of social urbanism to deal with areas affected by poverty and crime. This program contributed to the transformation of some of the most dangerous urban areas in Latin America into more peaceful and equitable communities; and it turned Medellìn into a sort of playground for all designers interested in using architecture as a means for social advancement. It is no coincidence that Giancarlo Mazzanti with his El equipo has been one of the major participants in all this. Born in Barranquilla, Mazzanti is one of the protagonists of contemporary Colombian architecture. He founded El Equipo in Bogotà after graduating at the Pontifica Universidad Javeriana and obtaining a degree from the University of Florence (Italy). Besides his smaller, private commissions, Mazzanti is well known for his public buildings, a lot of them located are in the favelas of Medellìn. Giancarlo Mazzanti is convinced that a building is valuable if it enhances the living conditions of the inhabitants, if it makes it possible to create new social relations and create social transformation. One of his most remarkable projects in Medellìn, the Parque Biblioteca España (best architecture of 2008) is totally inspired by these ideas. The same process can be seen in "Cubierta Cazucá" that demonstrates how a simple canopy can turn a public square into a source of identity, making people proud of the place they live in. Parque Biblioteca de Espana is also a collaboration with the Chilean video-maker Cristobal Palma, who worked on the presentation of two other works by Mazzanti: Colegio Flor de Campo (Cartagena) and Jardin Social El Porvenir (Bogotà).

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