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New gems of architecture revitalize the City.

This short animation made by UNIFORM uses a spectacular narrative style, characteristic of a cutting-edge movie trailer for narrating architecture as an event for the audience to explore.

The City becomes a cinematic backdrop and the crystalline structure of the Beetham Organization's Trinity EC3 development in the heart of London is the main actor under the spotlight. In this virtual journey through the design features of Foreign Office Architects' project, the reflections, refractions and light of the Trinity buildings allow to rediscover the surrounding urban fabric through the fictional tool of three crystalline structures floating and wandering around in the urban skyline.


Architects: Foreign Office Architects, now FMA (Farshid Moussavi Architecture) and AZPML (Alejandro Zaera-Polo & Maider Llaguno Architecture)
Mentioned project: Trinity EC3
Project location: London, United Kingdom

United Kingdom 2007
Duration: 2'38''

Selected for VISIONS, the 2009 edition of BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.