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CCBRACH (Centro Cultural Brasil-Chile)

ipiña+nieto architects, Pablo Casals-Aguirre

Passages across the library.

In this short film Pablo Casals Aguirre presents the new Centro Cultural Brasil-Chile in Santiago designed by Ipiña+Nieto Architects. Following a red hair girl, the viewer gradually becomes familiar with the design concept and can appreciate the qualities of the interior spaces.

The former configuration of the building was modified by the architects to improve usability and spatial qualities. Unlike the previous fragmented sequence of small rooms, the new plans are more cohesive in terms of distribution and functions. The library is the core of the cultural center and represents both a gap and a meeting point where all circulations begin and end. Public functions such as working areas, classrooms and management offices are located near the skin of the building, overlooking the city. Other facilities, such as reception, kitchenette, study areas, restrooms and storage room, are privately hidden, contained in the white painted eucalyptus wooden furniture.

The design aims to offer deep visuals through the passages across the library, towards different vanishing points. The short film shows this spatial feature by alternating shots of the central space with framings revealing longer views across the interiors, up to the point that the viewer embraces the landscape beyond the windows. The relation between the central library and the spaces around emerges again as the main concept of the project.


Architect: ipiña+nieto architects
Mentioned project: Centro Cultural Brasil-Chile (CCBRACH) (2013-2015)
Project location: Santiago de Chile, Chile

Chile 2015
Duration: 3'03''