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Casa Encuentro

Imagen Subliminal

Between fiction and reality. At home, in the desert.

In "Casa Encuentro", Imagen Subliminal introduces the dialogue between the house designed by Carlos Arroyo Arquitecto and the mythical landscape of the Desert of Tabernas (Almería, Spain), location of the project and of famous movies as well.

Casa Encuentro is narrated by Miguel De Guzman (Imagen Subliminal) as an oasis of domesticity and leisure in the heart of the valley, an ideal place of "encuentro" between fiction and reality, between the daily intimacy of the domestic spaces and the surrounding spectacular panorama. It's an encounter between the old and the new, as in the house - built around a traditional Spanish "cortijo" - Arroyo blends the old with a cutting edge modern architectural style, at the same time leaving untouched all the irregularities and marks of time in the original whitewashed rendering. It's also an ideal dialogue between the different needs of the visitors (who can rent part of the building) and the owner (international artist Belinda Eaton), separated by a water-filled courtyard.

This work of architecture is shown by Imagen Subliminal in its everyday use as an expression of the style of the artist/owner, as well as the perfect domestic theater for free-time activities and relaxing hobbies.


Architect: Carlos Arroyo Arquitecto
Mentioned project: Casa Encuentro (2005-2007)
Project location: Almeria, Spain
Music: Podington Bear

Spain 2013
Duration: 3'10''