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Bradford. One landscape many views


An urban awakening introduces new colors and emotions.

This four-minute video presents a colorful vision of the future regeneration of the town centre of Bradford (Yorkshire, UK). The short film is the sequel to "Picture a city" (2004), both generated by Squint/Opera to illustrate Will Alsop's master plan (2003).

Commissioned by the Bradford Centre Regeneration (BCR), "Bradford. One landscape many views" focuses on Alsop's design choices for the built environment of the city centre. The short sequel is highly brand-oriented; consequently especially conceived to appeal to both the general public and to potential investors. By means of controversial and visionary animations, an ideal place surfaces from the narration of the planned projects.

Squint/Opera uses the metaphor of the future awakening of the city by showing a spectacular sequence of transformations and new buildings featured in the master plan itself.


Mentioned project: Masterplan for Bradford (2004)
Project location: Bradford, United Kingdom
Production: Bradford Centre Regeneration

United Kingdom 2006
Duration: 4'01''

Selected for A FLORENCE THAT WILL BE (Florence; February - June 2013), a series of public talks, conferences, and architecture videos on five dates curated by Image for ORDINE ARCHITETTI FIRENZE.