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Bordeaux New Stadium

Benoît Millot

An overview on the Bordeaux new stadium by Herzog & de Meuron.

In Benoît Millot's short film about the new Bordeaux Stadium by Herzog & De Meuron, the light, open and yet dense architectural structure is narrated in its details as well as in its social impact on the surrounding area. The short film advertises the upcoming transformations caused by the new architecture in the neighborhood and in the city.

The narrative of the video combines live-footage frames describing the future everyday life in and around the stadium with animations of the architecture as taken from external, internal and aerial perspectives. Millot's work explores the geometrical arrangement of the bowl and of the columns by putting it in constant relationship with the location through multiple points of view.


Architect: Herzog & De Meuron
Mentioned project: Bordeaux New Stadium (2010 - 2015)
Project location: Bordeaux, France
Production: Tulipes & Cie
Music: Cezame

France 2010
Duration: 2'03''