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Benoit millot
Benoît Millot
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Benoît Millot is a French designer and director with a multidisciplinary and participatory approach. One of the main characteristics in Millot's filmic process is the importance of a constant confrontation with his collaborators and the open attitude to an effective team work. The Paris-based video maker is mostly interested in architectural documentaries and in researches focused on the narration of the most touching, socially and emotionally engaging aspects of different urban and architectural realities from different perspectives. The narrative of his video works usually combines live-footage frames with animations in order to envision possible future scenarios of the projects he deals with. Among his short films, "Symbol of Urban Ecology" narrates the main ideas at the basis of the design for the Centre de Valorisation des Déchets d’Ivry-Paris-XIII, while showing the effects of the project on the social and cultural fabric of the district. In "Bordeaux New Stadium", the light, open and yet dense architectural structure of the new Bordeaux Stadium by Herzog & De Meuron is narrated in its spectacular technical details as well as in its social impact on the surrounding area. Among his acknowledgments, his short film "L’incurable curiosité. Institut Pasteur" was awarded the first prize for the "Campagne de la Publicité Corporate Décerné Lors du Grand Prix Communication & Entreprise" 2013.

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Bordeaux New Stadium
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Bordeaux New Stadium

Published on Nov 18, 2015