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Blue Moon

Filip Martinovic, Vladimir Milenkovic / Neoarhitekti

Portrait of an architecture studio as a tripartite film.

It is called Blue Moon 5' 5", the film Filip Martinović dedicated to the architecture studio Neoarhitekti, back in 2013 and now shared on The Architecture Player.
Divided into three parts, each reflecting on a specific design by the Serbian firm Neoarhitekti, the movie is a sort of meditation on how a studio build its identity and how this shows through different projects.

It opens with a sequence filmed in a Textil Showroom: it's nighttime, so all the lights are turned off. A dress rests on a mannequin, clothes, pieces of fabric are scattered around the place, when, at once, the door opens and a man appears. He dances through the space, switching lights on, moving joyfully around: lines of neon lights, desks, rows of chairs, we experience the textile showroom, looking through the windows, seeing it in its essential design. The second part is shot in an apartment, filled with people, chatting, relaxing, drinking wine and enjoying jazz music: this is a kind of aspirational image of what free time should be, in a designer house. Third part is the most elusive one: filmed in what should be a Making Maker Agency, the sequence mostly presents stairs, transparent glazing, upside down shots of office chairs, images of a woman in a formal dress, with a screen behind her, in what we suppose is a lobby.

What "Blue Moon" seems to suggest is that architecture is completed only when inhabited, that this should be the moment in which we can visit (or film) a space, when it's filled with life, when it can shows if it's apt or not to being used by people. Even though, in the last part, details blur into each other making the building hard to detect, Blue Moon can be seen as a love song to an architect identity, to the way it emerges through its products.


Mentioned project: Textil Showroom in New Belgrade, Marker Agency in New Belgrade Sequence and Top 21, Apartment in Meander, New Belgrade
Project location: Belgrade, Serbia
Appearing: Maša Bratuša, Marko Marović, Vladimir Milenković, Dejan Todorović, Snežana Vesnić, Mihailo Popović, Vladimir Ćeklić
Camera: Milica Drakulić
Assistants: Marko Marović, Jovana Radovanović, Djordje Stojiljković, Nemanja Veselinović, Nikola Zdravković
Production: Neoarhitekti Beograd (Snežana Vesnić, Tatjana Stratimirović, Vladimir Milenković)

Serbia 2013
Duration: 5'13"