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Vladimir Milenkovic / Neoarhitekti
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Vladimir Milenković, is the founder of NEO arhitekti.
He gained a phd in architecture and he's architect and music pedagogue, educated in belgrade (faculty of architecture/faculty of music arts), associate professor at the department of architecture ubfa (design methodology, design studio, master project, conceptual architecture). His field of interest includes theory of form, methodology of design and designing practice.
He is the author of two books: "Architectural form and multi-function" (Belgrade 2004) and "Form follows theme" (Belgrade 2015). He's the designer for the floor installation Wohnlich (Venice 2008), as well as commercial building Textil Užice, nominated for Mies van Der Rohe Award in 2009.

Website: NEO arhitekti
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Clips by Vladimir Milenkovic / Neoarhitekti

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Blue Moon
05:13 min

Blue Moon

Published on Jan 16, 2019