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An ideal place for an house, halfway between Earth and Sky.

In "Birdhouse" Squint/Opera radicalizes the subversion of the traditional viewpoints while narrating an architectural project. At the same time it takes it to a more intimate dimension. This also happens while portraying the architect. Will Alsop is filmed here as a bird inside the ideal birdhouse he designed.

This video was originally conceived for an international exhibition about birdhouses projects. In this video by Squint/Opera the architect himself explains, with subtitled tweets, the story of his design for the Birdhouse Project (Osaka, Japan). Rather than technical drawings or images, the life and everyday needs of a bird are the real centre of the architect’s narration.


Mentioned project: Birdhouse Project
Project location: Osaka, Japan
Sound: Isambard Khroustaliov

United Kingdom 2004

Selected for SCRIPT, 8th edition of the BEYOND MEDIA festival