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Beyond Boundaries


How comics may introduce a new contemporary lifestyle brand.

In 2009 Uniform produced an almost entirely hand-sketched short film to introduce Venu, the concept for a new brand of hotel boutiques developed by Jumeirah Group.

A couple of travelers are the protagonists of this story. From the room or the lounge of their hotel, they enjoy the best experiences and tastes, as if they could be in a different country in the blink of an eye. By using the effectiveness of comics and depicting a wide range of situations, the short film introduces the allure of a "Beyond Boundaries" lifestyle experience and fosters the desire to keep on the move and discover places.

Simple, unpretentious, modern and creative, Venu offers everyone who visits, stays at or works within its space a sense of freedom. Freedom to write their own story, create their own narrative or build their own scene.


Mentioned project: Venu
Project location: Worldwide

United Kingdom 2009
Duration: 2'27''