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Bathyard Home

Imagen Subliminal

A domestic space which can be negotiated and altered.

The Bathyard home accommodates the desires and affections of its inhabitants: a woman who moved from the countryside to the city who asked the architects to design a house for her and for her plants, as well as for welcoming her sons and friends. Husos Architects designed a home tailored to her needs.

The core of the apartment is a huge room with enough space for a bath and the plants. Here a new type of domestic interior is achieved, as the architects wrote: “The bathyard is a space whose character can be negotiated and altered by the users by sliding transparent partitions and opening out a folding bench. It is a place where different activities can overlap and be shared, such as trying on clothes, enjoying breakfast, or having a conversation while one is taking a bath and the other is sitting on the folding bench. And of course, it can also be the setting of a glorious solitary bath experience”. All other rooms are arranged around this centrale core. The project also smartly responds to a series of preexisting conditions in the building. There’s a circular hole, for example, that is very useful for regulating air circulation in the interior. Overall, the house calls for an active role in its inhabitants: elements can be changed in their configuration following one’s needs.

The short film by Imagen Subliminal well introduces the main features of this particular home. The video shooting happened at the same time as the photo shooting and developed in a spontaneous and informal way, with the aim of depicting space as well as portraying some typical, everyday situations.


Mentioned project: Bathyard Home (2016)
Project location: Madrid, Spain
Design team: Diego Barajas, Camilo García, Martín Orbea, Rebeka Nemeth
Installations design and quantity surveying: Atipical (Daniel Jabonero, Ángela Ruiz)
Construction: Atipical (Daniel Jabonero) and Husos (Camilo García)
Structural consultants: Mecanismo S.L. and Eugenio Cuesta
Carpentry: Verticales Forme
Electrical installations: Divitec
Masonry work: Lubomir Bozhidarov, Rosen Goshev, Miguel Bas
Photography: Imagen Subliminal

Spain 2016
Duration: 2'13''