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Architecture and Palliation

Within Walls

When we care for rooms, rooms care for us.

In "Architecture and Palliation" Copenhagen-based studio Within Walls explores the delicate theme of the effects designed spaces may have on human wellbeing, while using the video as a powerful tool of investigation and narration within the architectural process. Produced for the Knowledge Centre for Rehabilitation and Palliative Care (University of Southern Denmark) as part of the research project "Architecture and Palliation" and funded by Realdania, the short film unveils the unlimited healing potentials of architecture in the field of hospitals and nursing homes planning.

The short film especially deals with the potential reactions to architectural spaces from the perspective of human beings in their most vulnerable conditions, such as sickness and old age. By means of playing with Evidence Based Design vision, the authors assimilate spacial arrangements, lightning, materials and acoustics to medicines that have to be combined with care, since they can deeply influence human mind and emotions.

Rather than introducing a project, the short film is a creative brief based on moving images. The script sets a dialogue between concreteness and imagination: the first is represented by the activities of the protagonist who searches for various combinations with an analytical approach while the second is revealed by the suggestion that architecture is a precious alchemy of various ingredients contained in bottles. The film set itself is accurately defined in every detail: it is a small functioning studio, fine-tuned on the main character's movements, but it is not lacking some emotional component.

Within Walls uses its knowledge in the field of both architectural research and visual storytelling to highlight the interaction between man and space as the main measuring tool for an effective and qualitative architectural discourse.

(Story by Paola Ricco, The Architecture Player)


Actor: Dan Loffredo
Voice: Dea Fog
Sound: Ask Kæreby
Assistant: Frederik Teglhus, Lis Dyre

Denmark 2013
Duration: 11'49''