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Within Walls
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Within Walls is a Copenhagen-based studio focused on architectural research and visual storytelling through film media with an approach that combines theory, praxis and a constant experimentation. Led by Christel Nisbeth, Moa Liew, Annemie Sandahl Pedersen, the team consists of architects working with communication and visualization of architectural spaces and methods. They consider architecture as a fundamental element in people's everyday life since it can deeply influence human mind and emotions. Within Walls activates an effective and qualitative discourse about design and building process and allows a wide even non-professional audience to gain awareness of the places they live in.

Within Walls also believes that the filmic medium is the most suitable and powerful communication tool to narrate architecture, given its ability to capture the most tactile and visible elements of the architectural space, as well as some of its most abstract values, such as its history, cultural background and perception. In the short film "Architecture and Palliation", the group explores the delicate theme of the effects designed spaces may have on human wellbeing. By means of playing with the Evidence Based Design vision, the eleven-minutes movie unveils the unlimited healing potentials of architecture in the field of hospitals and nursing homes planning, while facing the potential reactions to architectural spaces from the perspective of human beings in their most vulnerable conditions, such as sickness and old age. Beyond an academic approach to the matter, Within Walls’ works are a unique occasion to talk about architecture in terms both poetical and understandable, insightful and clear, as well as through media that can reach everyone and allow a widespread participation in the architectural debate.

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Architecture and Palliation
11:40 min

Architecture and Palliation

Published on Nov 09, 2015