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Affairs in Blue

Taller de Casquería

A vision of an experiential space.

Human scale regains its role in architectural communication in the performance by actor Luis Amália Rodrigues Carnero, for Taller de Casquería's short video, within the spaces of Manuel Ocaña's refurbishment project.

The Mediterraneo House Headquarters in Alicante, Spain, dedicated, by the diplomatic institution, for its events and creative activities, is uniquely introduced and explored as the stage of an unexpected story, one that opens the architect's vision to a wide audience.

The former platform hall of the abandoned Benalua railway station, where the new project is located, becomes an experiential space, a meeting point for business, events and performances. The linear and open foyer at the centre of the architecture is the main space and the perfect place for the institution's "affairs in blue", where a Klein-blue translucent roof "turns it into a sea of blue shadows".

Ocaña's project was also the subject of the production of several other videos, that show the architect's interest in the communication of his work through architectural videos.


Mentioned project: Casa Mediterraneo Headquarters (2010-2012)
Project location: Alicante, Spain
Performer and action designer: Luis Amália Rodrigues Carnero
Music: Matatigre

Spain 2013
Duration: 4'02''