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Fostering desire for a next future city.

In the Adamstown video Squint/Opera uses a sophisticated mixture of cinema and communication tools – playing with framing and CGA techniques – to present in a more accessible and seductive way the large scale scheme of a master plan.

The challenge of this video is to create a dialogue about the planning issues of Adamstown, "with a focus on its people and not just on its roads". The video becomes an occasion to reconsider the concept of "community" and the essential qualities to design a town that is people-oriented and rationally organized.

As usual in a Squint/Opera production, a playful approach is used as a means to handle very specific topics such as, in this case, infrastructures and the primary needs of a typical rising town. By means of story-telling, in the warm atmosphere of a country song, the urban planning elements that are depicted as recognizable forms pop up in a colorful and animated map intended to replace a detached and rational drawing. These familiar and cozy objects that float in the air introduce the description of the plans for Adamstown, a new development in Ireland commissioned by Castlethorn Developments.


United Kingdom 2006
Duration: 3'14''

Selected for VISIONS, the 2009 edition of BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.