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A1 corridor


Walk with me and let the corridor be transformed into a community space.

The "A1 corridor" project narrated by Squint/Opera visualizes a surreal night-time situation in order to present to a wide audience the new urban scenarios designed by Atkins for the A1 road (London, UK) on commission by Islington Council.

During an imaginary journey, the contrast between a faint, green pedestrian "walk" signal and the overwhelming chaos of traffic-signals monsters and street cutter captures the attention of  the spectators as well as at highlighting the absence of a more people-oriented dimension in this part of the city.

The objective of A1 "Corridor to Community" project by Atkins was to turn one of London's most congested and polluted traffic arteries into an area where different communities were connected through eight new or improved public spaces around the road.


Architect: Atkins
Mentioned project: A1 "Corridor to Community" project
Project location: London, United Kingdom

United Kingdom 2005
Duration: 6'23''

Selected for SCRIPT, the 2005 edition of the BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.