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251 First Street, Brooklyn, NY by ODA Architecture

Imagen Subliminal

A Caricature of Interaction.

This video simultaneously paints a dramatic caricature of ODA's Brooklyn residential tower and highlights some of the dynamics of life and interaction occurring within. The rigid ground level façade fades upward into a light pixelized cascade of residences and balconies. The architects commissioned Imagen Subliminal to create this film, working closely with the group during production. The experimental methods of mixing time-lapse and hyper-lapse techniques give the film its playfulness and rhythm.

A transition in scale and tempo occurs from the bustling thoroughfare of 4th street in Brooklyn when it intersects with the residential 1st street. ODA's building sits at the intersection and reflects this tension in its twisted geometry. The building appears to match the surrounding scale when approached from 4th street, maintaining the profile of a regular extrusion. But as one gets closer, the tessellation of the upper levels becomes apparent. They are chiseled into a more intimate typology that nods to the residential scale of 1st street.

Imagen Subliminal's film captures this transition while introducing the building and some of its lively occupants (played by members of the ODA design team). It begins with a distant shot from 4th street, but pulls the viewer at high speed to the edge of the balconies. This high velocity zooming and panning of the camera was achieved with high resolution still photos. It allows a vista of the city to be immediately contrasted with the personal interactions of the users. Their vivacious activities offer a glimpse of how the balconies might affect the daily lives of the occupants.

ODA plays with geometry and perspective to blend scales and typologies while Imagen Subliminal experiments with interesting ways to document it. The mix of still images and video footage, as well as tilt shift lenses, allow the film to capture and manipulate the geometry. With its jittery flow and energetic narrative, the film is a perfect companion to ODA's playful residential tower.

(Story by Stephen Scabora, The Architecture Player)


Architect: ODA Architecture
Mentioned project: 251 1ST Street
Project location: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Music: "Distinguished Days" 1 by Magnus Ringblom

Spain 2017
Duration: 1'08''