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2 World Trade Center


Keep your eyes on the architect and catch a glimpse of the future skyline of Manhattan.

When Squint/Opera's great skills in developing immersive and visionary storytelling about architecture-to-come meet an architect like Bjarke Ingels, who is an omnivorous tester and user of every medium an architect can take advantage of, the result is for sure interesting and leaves matter for discussion.

The "2 World Trade Center" short film unveils Bjarke Ingels Group's design for the completion of the World Trade Center to unite the streetscapes of TriBeCa with the towers Downtown and restore the spectacular skyline of Manhattan. A well balanced combination of film footage with a range of visualization techniques introduces BIG's vision of a vertical village from the perspective of the architect, as well as from the perspective of the future visitors and inhabitants of the newly designed World Trade Center.

Made of singular buildings stacked one on top of the other, the eye-catching design is introduced by Ingels himself in the first part of the short documentary. He talks about the planned transformations of the existing from within the location of the project. In his words and gestures the real interlaces with future reality. The second part of the film, mainly developed in 3D graphics, offers a tour into the architecture, both meandering in the outer and inner spaces.


Mentioned project: 2 WTC (2015-in progress)
Project location: New York, USA

United Kingdom 2015
Duration: 3'03''