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097 · Yojigen Poketto

Imagen Subliminal

In a flexible domestic space, you can search for your favourite configuration.

When one's living space measures just 33.60 square metres, space is precious and each centimetre must be used to the full, as is the case in the Yojigen Poketto in downtown Madrid. The house was designed by Elii and is coherent with the research the group has developed over time. The architects were challenged with the strict condition and conceived a "domestic theatre": despite its narrowness, the space offers a lot of possibilities as it is designed as a playground to be used in a variety of ways with the active participation of its inhabitants.

To depict the potential of this environment, Elii commissioned Imagen Subliminal to produce photos and video footage. Imagen Subliminal was indeed the right group to undertake this task due to its long collaboration with Elii and its expertise in comprehending the space and representing it through videos with a playful and ironic approach, which perfectly suits the core of this project. While flowing images depict different situations, the viewer becomes curious to see what the actor will do next to reveal the potential of the apartment.

A difference in height of only 90 centimetres marks a minimal separation between the living surface and the spot where the relaxation area and bathroom are located. Nonetheless, the space is continuous as there are no elements that constitute interruptions. The design strategy was to optimise every cubic metre of the house: secret trapdoors extend the storage space in the overhead areas, while a portable stepladder/item of furniture is used to overcome the difference in elevation, add storage space and double as a small grandstand in the living room.

The house takes a "meccano" approach, where every element has its specific place and function but also can be moved and transformed for alternative temporary uses. Imagen Subliminal, which through its work always engages in research to expand the ways of best representing architecture through various media, conceived this captivating short film paired with a series of gifs especially focused on the interior components to demonstrate their versatility.

(Story by Paola Ricco, The Architecture Player)


Architects: elii (Uriel Fogué, Eva Gil, Carlos Palacios)
Mentioned project: 097 · Yojigen Poketto (2017)
Project location: Madrid, Spain
Architect coordinating the project: Ana López (elii)
Team: Eduardo Castillo, Lucía Fernández (elii)
Joinery: Alfredo Merino Caldas
Construction: Aniceto Jiménez
Developers: Diana Díaz, Luis Arenas
Models: Carlos Cañete, Ana López, Lucía Fernández
Photography: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

Spain 2017
Duration: 2'09''