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072 Potlatch!

Imagen Subliminal

Now is your turn. Use your tricycle and move around to find your space.

An ancient ceremony of gift exchange practiced by tribes of the American Pacific coast and the city of Madrid: what do they have in common?

The Matadero is the cultural center in Madrid devoted to contemporary arts and El Ranchito is one of its artist-in-residence programs. For the 2014 El Ranchito edition, Elii arquitectos have been commissioned to design the workstations for the artists. The Potlatch, an ancient ceremony of exchanging gifts, has been a reference for the project. At the beginning of their residence, the artists receive as a gift a workspace furnished with some useful items; at the end, they will return the gift to the citizens in the form of their artistic work.

In the video filmed by Miguel de Guzman, a gentle lady introduces the design concept and lets us gradually discover the simplicity and flexibility in use of the Potlatch. In this project, Elii continue the research about personal environments and domesticity. The artists have at their disposal a "portable space" composed of a "wrapping architecture" that includes everything they need to make themself at home: personal initiative and alterations of the proposed space are welcome!


Mentioned project: Ephemeral architecture for the temporary residency for artists (2014)
Project location: Matadero Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Directors: Miguel de Guzmán, Rocío Romero
Interpretation: María Jerez
Production: elii, Matadero Madrid
Sound: Sergío García
Translation: Denis Smyth
Music: Morgantj, "Cafe Connection"

Spain 2014
Duration: 3'12''