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067 Didomestic

Imagen Subliminal

Every home is a theater.

Domestic spaces become the stage of an intimate theater, in this short film by Imagen Subliminal on the Didomestic house (Madrid, Spain) designed by Elii Architects.

Miguel De Guzmán (Imagen Subliminal), photographer and director of this short video, completes a 3-minute portray of a typical day for a hypothetical resident in the apartment, with the main idea of showing "all the different spaces and mechanisms in a narrative way".

The compact residence is the result of a project to completely refurbish an old attic in downtown Madrid. In order to make optimal use of the small amount of space, around a central core (with the staircase and the larder) a series of invisible, flexible rooms and devices can be adapted for different activities with moving walls, secret furniture, secret trap doors integrated into the ceiling. The Spanish architects say - and the video-makers display in this playful short film - that "every home is a theater", and that it can be transformed into a dance floor or a tea room, depending on the inhabitants' mood and needs.


Mentioned project: 067 Didomestic (2013)
Project location: Madrid, Spain

Spain 2013
Duration: 3'17''

Selected for HAUNTED HOUSES (Rome; September 2014), a public talk and architectural video screening curated by Image for MAXXI.