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#04 Casa Narigua by P + 0 Arquitectura


Woven Landscapes.

Like a needle alternating between contrasting environments, we are moved through the beautiful landscapes of Northern Mexico and walk through a residential project nestled in the mountains in this short film by Juan Benavides of Filmatica. The natural landscape is experimentally woven into the composition of this dwelling designed by P + 0 Arquitectura, highlighting the beauty that comes with design according to site specificity. Benavides highlights this homage to the natural context by placing us in the spaces in between the residence in order to understand the blurred relationship between interior living and awareness of the outdoors.

This residential project cantilevered over the mountains of Nuevo Leon in Northern Mexico pays homage to the surrounding landscape by placing itself around existing Cedar trees and orienting itself towards an incredible view of a unique mountain range. This creates a condition in which nature is elegantly woven throughout every interior space.

In following the language that exists on the site, the home is first introduced as a soil tinted stacking of masses which make up a section of the slope present. The project is separated into three main masses which intersect vertically as the residence ascends into the mountain range. These masses open themselves up with floor to ceiling glass creating vegetated outdoor areas into integrated living spaces that relate to the inside. One is fully conscious of the context throughout the home. Benavides walks us through the various corridors and orients our attention at the blurred lines between the woven cedar trees and the interior functions. As we finish our tour of the home, we arrive at the accessible roof terrace which opens itself completely to an uninterrupted view of the mountain range in front of us.The woven landscapes inspire a new way of thinking about the home and it’s integration into the environment.

This is the fourth short film in a series directed by Juan Benavides of Filmática which includes the documentation of 12 houses designed by up and coming Mexican architects throughout various cities in Mexico.


Architect: P+0 Arquitectura
Mentioned project: Casa Narigua (2013)
Project location: El Jonuco, Mexico
Music: Gerardo Orozco

Mexico 2014
Duration: 5'01''