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studio ASYNCHROME is a multimedia think tank with a multi-disciplinary and highly experimental approach and a focus on architectural and urban research. Founded in Graz in 2013 by architects, animators, designers, photographers, painters Marleen Leitner and Michael Schitnig, the studio explores and narrates the interfaces between architecture, urban research and art, while considering the concept of utopia as a main reference and a fundamental tool of investigation and innovation. In their short film "Der Weltbaumeister" (The World's Master Builder), Schitnig and Leitner reinterpret Bruno Taut's book (1919) in a new, unique way by animating 28 drawings in a tale of utopian dreams and philosophical entertainment about the delicate, complex relationship between architecture and humans. The short film was created as part of the architecture diploma "No-Man's-Spaces - On the Tracks of Utopia" at the Faculty of Architecture of Graz (Institute of Contemporary Art). Among their various and multifaceted works, a spin off chapter of Asynchrome's first graphic novel, their comic manifesto "Niemandsräume/No mans spaces" - released in 2014 by TU-Graz press with support of the Institute of Contemporary Art Graz/Austria -, was exhibited in the Nationalmuseum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, Design Week in Beijing, Steirischer Herbst and the House of Architecture Graz.

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