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Soare & Yokina Arhitecti Asociati (SYAA)
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Sometimes photograpic 3D renderings are not the best bet if what you're looking for is a poetic effect: good old sheets of paper and a cutter would do the job quite well. Soare and Yokina Arhitecti Asociati (SYAA) have the same opionion. The studio was founded in 2006 in Bucharest by Adrian Soare and Eliza Yokina, offering a complete design service that is perhaps a trendsetter in contemporary Romanian architecture. In 2008 they produced "Paper Movie", a low cost video that employs paper cuts and slow motion to recreate a small model of a town populated by their previous projects where small figurines and confetti snow are the protagonists of a small, poetic diy dream.

Clips by Soare & Yokina Arhitecti Asociati (SYAA)

Strips including clips by Soare & Yokina Arhitecti Asociati (SYAA)

Paper movie
Duration clock dark 03:29 min

Paper movie

Published on Oct 09, 2014