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ORTLOS Space Engineering
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ORTLOS Space Engineering is a transdisciplinary studio that works on innovative interfaces and architecture design. The name in German means "placeless" and refers to their on-line working method: Ortlos's proper domicile is in cyberspace. The studio, founded by Ivan and Andrea Redi, works as a network of interdisciplinary partners which includes today photographer Emil Gruber and philosopher George Flachbart. Ortlos is specialized in using the latest computer driven technologies to create innovative environments in order to expand the possibilities of architectural design. Their digital videos are committed to creating future visions and deal with virtual environments. In 2006 they conceived a feature film, titled "Nick's Cave" (here's the "Nick's Cave Trailer"). Still dealing with architectural and urban planning issues, they came about with the story of a guy who decided to withdraw in a cave to escape from the small city where he lived and from its people. The video, that has been almost entirely digitally produced, shows their ability in working with cutting edge digital technology to simulate virtual environments and immersive spaces. The work of Ortlos has been published and exhibited worldwide. In 2005 they released, in collaboration with graphic designer David Carson, the book "ORTLOS :: Architecture of the NetWORKS" that summed up their work from 2000 to that year. Ivan Redi has been teaching at various universities worldwide (Graz University of Technology, the Bartlett) and he lectures worlwide. 

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Nick's Cave Trailer
Duration clock dark 03:44 min

Nick's Cave Trailer

Published on Nov 23, 2014