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Yerbas del Paraíso Commune

Federico Cairoli

A sustainable paradise on the edge of the mountain.

Federico Cairoli brings the audience inside the everyday life of the community of "Yerbas del Paraíso Commune", a model of urban settlement conceived by Intile & Rogers Arquitectura specifically for forest areas and aimed at integrating architecture, economic and energy criteria, farming practices, reforestation issues with social and production needs.

Cairoli allows the viewers to virtually experience the sustainability of the overall settlement by alternating beautiful views on the spectacular location with more familiar glimpses inside the intimacy of each modular structure.

The short film outlines the architects' intention to create a flexible and sustainable system capable of adapting with minimal impact to the shape of a mountain area that is going to be reforested. The choice of the triangular modulation of each building allows a well balanced grafting with the existing and future trees, while it is also combined with existing technologies and local construction models such as the "Paraguayan home".


Architect: IR arquitectura
Mentioned project: Yerbas del Paraíso Commune (2011)
Project location: Paraíso, Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina

Argentina 2014
Duration: 3'19''