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Gali Blay

An animated paper collage maquette to represent the future of a Dutch polder.

Movement often is synonymous with activism and working. In this stop motion animation, Gali Blay introduces "Polderscape", the proposal by Studio Makkink & Bey for the city of Noordoostpolder. A hyper detailed world made with a paper collage maquette and stop-motion animation introduces the project to the visitor of the "House of Arts" exhibition at the KAF (Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland) in Almere.

In 2007 Studio Makkink & Bey, together with Atelier NL, Maarten Kolk, Lucas van Vugt, Florian Visser, Yep Wiersma and Stichting Herbergen and others, activated the project 'Designers & Artists in Residence Noordoostpolder'. The starting point for this project was the Noordoostpolder itself for research and design. The Noordoostpolder is a region in the province Flevoland, Netherlands.

Ten years later, the landscape and property development of the Noordoostpolder is again the focus point in the 'House of Arts' exhibition. The farm and premises of Studio Makkink & Bey in Kraggenburg (Noordoostpolder) serve as a laboratory. In previous years the province of Flevoland in general and especially the polder has resulted in a couple of interesting research projects within the studio. In the "Polderscape" installation, all projects have been brought together and become a new working landscape in the future polder. While looking at the stop-motion animation, the viewer's imagination is triggered to the possibilities this working landscape could offer in the future.


Architect: Studio Makkink & Bey
Mentioned project: Polderscape
Project location: Noordoostpolder, Netherlands

Netherlands 2017
Duration: 1'28''