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Wicker Metamorphosis

Pablo Casals-Aguirre

A productive device for manufacturing wicker in Chile.

In this short film about a productive device for manufacturing wicker in Chimbarongo (Chile), Chilean video maker, photographer and architect Pablo Casals-Aguirre - who was also in the project team - outlines how architecture allows the innovative metamorphosis of a small community to come from within its own traditions.

The camera lingers on the system of production of the raw material, provided by concentrating in one place the various stages associated with the process. The connection to a local and traditional economy allows the structure - designed by Normal Architecture Studio - to be at the same time innovative and perfectly integrated within the social and cultural environment where it's located. The wicker-structure becomes a development tool and an inexpensive working mode for the local population, as well as a low-impact sign in the surrounding landscape. Through a spectacular aerial view, the short film allows viewers to experience the geometric plan of the design, a spatial representation - both metaphorical and functional - of the temporary phases of the manufacturing process of the wicker.


Architect: Normal Architecture Studio
Mentioned project: Productive device for manufacturing wicker (2013-2015)
Project location: Chimbarongo, VI Región Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins, Chile
Project team: Pablo Casals Aguirre, Steven Banken, Juan Du-Bach, María José Araya, Alexis Quinteros, Stephan Puschel
Music: Alekos Vuskovic

Chile 2015
Duration: 2'03''