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What is eternal is circular, what is circular is eternal

La Macchina Studio

Sketch for Syria.

A quote by Aristotle is the title of the animated drawings conceived by La Macchina Studio for the call for drawings "Sketch for Syria", a global call promoted by the IUAV University in Venice and aimed to incite architects, artists, and innovative thinkers to imagine postwar reconstruction.

According to the Aristotelian principle, time has a circular structure. It has no beginning and no end, it replicates itself and it ends where it started. Palmyra's ruins, victims of the most recent human ferocity, are witnesses of an ancient culture and symbolize eternity.

La Macchina's video portrays the way in which a devastated people can rebuild its sense of belonging and identity through the rebuilding of its own symbols. A civilization's signs persist in memories, and can be the foundation for memorable and thoughtful reconstruction.


Architect: La Macchina Studio
Mentioned project: Sketch for Syria (2016)

Italy 2016
Duration: 1'05''