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Walking with CVDB

Building Pictures

More than a walk through. An introduction to CVDB Arquitectos' works.

Portuguese production company Building Pictures interprets some of the most recurring themes in CVDB Arquitectos' activity through a virtual walk inside the architects' most recent projects in Portugal. In the short film "Walking with CVDB", the themes of visual continuity and materiality as well as shared spaces and transition passages are under the spotlight. Building Pictures' film outlines CVDB's vision of architecture both as a physical presence and as a fundamental part of the cultural and social context where it's located.

The camera follows a young lady in her journey between Lisbon, Cartaxo and Arraiolos and explores the inside and outside architectural spaces of the Braamcamp Freire Secondary School, the Arraiolos Tapestry Museum, the Jarego House, the Elderly Day Care and Residential Centre and the Cartaxo Cultural Centre. Some of the projects included in the short film were awarded on different occasions, such as the Braamcamp Freire Secondary School (WAN Education award in 2013 and the ArchDaily's Education Building of the Year in 2014) and the Elderly Day Care and Residential Centre (IHRU Construction award in 2008).


Architect: CVDB Arquitectos
Mentioned projects: Braamcamp Freire Secondary School, Arraiolos Tapestry Museum, Jarego House, Elderly Day Care and Residential Centre, Cartaxo Cultural Centre
Project location: Lisbon, Cartaxo and Arraiolos, Portugal
Music: Chris Zabriskie, Yansr CCC, Stealing Orchestra Kao Ryao, Zen nas Runas da Antiga Fabrica de Robots, Ian Alex Mac

Portugal 2015
Duration: 5'20"