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Walk in Cinema

Mezzo Atelier

Temporary furniture for a short film festival.

"Walk in Cinema" is a series of furniture pieces designed by Mezzo Atelier in collaboration with Filippo Losi for the "Concorto" short film Festival, held in August 2016 at Raggio Park in Pontenure, Italy.

The pieces of furniture are based on a simple and effective concept: assembling wood listels by means of a red visible joint. The construction brought together manual and digital fabrication: while letters where digitally cut in plywood with a CNC machine, the metal joints where hand made, and at the end all the components where easily assembled connecting the wooden beams and transforming the materials into tables, benches, a directional totem or an armchair. A further suggestion came from the old movie theatres and drive-in's typography which was a reference for the lettering of the project.

The temporary installations, placed in a park and surrounded by greenery, added a lively and vibrant contrast to the public space for one week. At evenings, when darkness set in and the audience arrived, the pieces would gently start to glow creating another atmosphere and lightning up messages for the festival's spectators.

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With: Filippo Losi Lab
Mentioned project: Walk in Cinema (2016)
Project location: Parco Raggio, Pontenure, Italy

Italy 2016
Duration: 1'19''