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Vila d'Este

Building Pictures

Imagining a better city in black-and-white.

Building Picture put under the spotlight one of the most emblematic urbanizations in Porto (Portugal) and the project of its rehabilitation by Portuguese architect Nuno Abrantes.

The short film alternates a black-and-white visual narrative to a colored one in order to underline the situation before and after the redevelopment and preservation of Vila d'Este. The narrative aims at showing how even small architectural interventions can actually increase the value of a residential complex both in terms of its social and urban impact. Building Picture explores how such interventions constitute not only a powerful means to enhance, though with limited resources, the overall quality of life in these urban communities, but also a sustainable alternative to new buildings construction.


Architect: Nuno Abrantes
Mentioned project: Reabilitação da urbanização de Vila de Este (2004 - 2015)
Project location: Gaia, Portugal
Music: Jackson F. Smith

Portugal 2015
Duration: 2'00''