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Marina Chernikova

Overlapping perceptions of cities.

A wave - created by Marina Chernikova from different video fragments of Moscow, Tokyo, and Paris - invades the screen and generates a new molten and dynamic vision of the contemporary city. The video replicates the blurred vision of urban environment borders that spectators actually experience in their everyday perception of the cityscape.

By means of visual effects such as overlapping, rescaling and regrouping, the images collapse into separate pieces and come together in entirely new ensembles. In this flooding stream only few logical architectural elements are recognizable, even though they are transformed into abstract structures as real "urban surfing" allows only a quick associative scanning of striking landmarks.

Aided by her skills in image synthesis and computer animation, in "URBAN SURFING II b/w" the multimedia artist experiments with a dynamical and condensed representation of the accelerated navigation of the city and also explores the more fragmentary and individual perception of the urban environment.


The Netherlands 2007
Duration: 3'12''

First selected for VISIONS, the 2009 edition of BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.