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Un día en el Monasterio Benedictinos

Pablo Casals-Aguirre

A day in the Benedictine Monastery.

Pablo Casals-Aguirre's short film "Monasterio Benedictinos" reveals some of the private spaces of the Benedictine Monastery designed by Gabriel Guarda and Martín Correa, a masterpiece of modern Chilean architecture.

The outcome of eighteen months of continuous video and photographic shooting, the short film is a poetic and intimate narration that explores an environment that is usually closed off to visitors. The camera observes the relationship between the architecture and the magnificent background of the Andes, and at the same time it lingers on the everyday life of the monks. The video delicately describes how natural light shapes the peaceful interior spaces, and portrays the dialectical relationship between this white landmark building designed by Guarda and Correa in 1961 and the spectacular surrounding desert landscape.


Architect: Gabriel Guarda, Martín Correa
Mentioned project: Monasterio Benedictinos (1961-64)
Project location: Santiago, Chile
Music: Tony Anderson

Chile 2013
Duration: 6'31''

Screened at the Arquitectura Film Festival (Santiago de Chile, Chile, 2013).