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ONL [Oosterhuis_Lénárd]

Archaeology of the environmental responsive digital design.

"TransPORTs2001" introduces the "trans-ports" project, an idea that has been in development by Oosterhuis Associates since 1998 and which focuses on the notion that architecture and its visible body can be animated and related to environmental data through a complex network of  interactions.
The "trans-ports" network consists of real, active structures and  their virtual structures on the Internet. Real and virtual pavilions are connected through virtual wires and databases and are experienced as one consistent hyperbody: one big organism with an array of connected cells where "changes in the real influence the virtual and vice versa".

The video shows one of the different models of the "trans-ports" network, presented within an installation for the Venice biennale in 2000. The model - conceived as a space frame composed of many data-driven pneumatic cylinders – is an active and flexible structure that changes its shape in real time under the spectators' eye, while its exterior surface and interior skin move along with the skeleton.

According to the Dutch architects' vision, as buildings can be manipulated and controlled through connected databases, then they  start to become interactive structures, an ongoing process with unpredictable responses.


Animation: Andre Houdart

The Netherlands 1999
Duration: 4'13''

Selected for the 2002 edition of the BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.