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Three Cotidianities

Javier Agustín Rojas

Three contemporary genre paintings.

In this composition, we experience the architecture of Antonio Carrasco through a trio of quick snapshots that capture the quotidian activities in each building. Each one only allows us a brief view of the scene, leaving us unaware of much of the context. This leaves the movements of the inhabitants in full focus.

The film was produced by Javier Agustín Rojas for the 2017 Biennial of Latin American Architecture in Pamplona. The first project introduced is the Vista Hotel on the beach of Villa Gesell. Although the design creates an interesting relationship between inside and outside by constantly framing the ocean, the camera turns its back to the water and focuses instead on the movements of a few inhabitants. The only hint of the ocean is the ambient noise of the waves and a guest yielding a beach chair. The Second clip lets the Casa Nyds become the backdrop of a child's birthday party. The close-up of the rear patio allows us to briefly intrude on a day in the life of the users. Similarly, the final clip captures two children at play in the Casa mc-603 without explicitly showing the swimming pool.

The director's approach to filming is in alignment with the architect's minimal design proclivities. They both employ refined subtlety and refrain from projecting their own expression into their work. The architecture lets the users provide meaning without offering many suggestions of its own. This objectivity is echoed in the film's stationary camerawork. The clips are like contemporary genre paintings; there are no answers or opinions conveyed, only the scene speaking for itself.

(Story by Stephen Scabora, The Architecture Player)


Architect: Antonio Carrasco
Mentioned projects: Vista Hotel (2010-2014), Villa Gesell; Casa Nyds (2013-2015), Pinamar; Casa mc-603 (2015-2016), Costa Esmeralda
Projects location: Argentina

Argentina 2017
Duration: 2'24''