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The Urban Life in Architecture

Lorena Sánchez Paz

A walk through contemporary architecture in Genoa: S Pavillion by Gruppo Studio Palasport.

The video "The Urban Life in Architecture" was conceived and filmed by students of the "Architectural Design" course held by Valter Scelsi at Genoa University. The aim was to focus attention on contemporary architecture and its maintenance: when architectural value is overlooked, even valuable buildings are affected by deterioration.

This short film presents the S pavilion at the fair area of Genoa, designed by engineers Franco Sironi, Leo Finzi, Remo Pagani and architect Lorenzo Martinoia, and opened to the public in 1963 as an indoor sports arena. At the time of its construction, the building was at the forefront for its structure and construction methods. Today, it remains a significant and daring example of the use of reinforced concrete for large constructions, and one of the very first examples of the application of tensile structures. The video shows the current state of the building, now almost abandoned and no longer maintained. Although it is not used for its original purposes, it is not lacking in life. It is now the realm of teenagers who spend their leisure time here skating and doing parkour. The camera captures a panoramic view of the area and then moves on to explore the exterior and finally the interiors of the construction, sometimes taking the perspective of the current users of the building.


Authors: María Palomares Pacheco, María Álvarez García, Santiago Julián Bello
Architect: Gruppo Studio Palasport (Franco Sironi, Leo Finzi, Remo Pagani, Lorenzo Martinoia)
Mentioned project: S pavilion
Project location: Genoa, Italy

Italy 2016
Duration: 1'20''