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The Un-Square Mile

Factory Fifteen

Living on the move.

This short film by Factory Fifteen highlights lifestyle and facilities attracting citizens and future inhabitants at "Principal Place", the new mixed used developement designed by Foster+Partners and developed by Brookfield Europe to be realized in London at the edge of the City and near the Shoreditch district.

The design concept fuses the classic sophistication of the financial district with the creative, industrial aesthetic of Shoreditch. Two main parts compose the project. The “Principal Place” is the multipurpose area, with a new public plaza, retail spaces, cafes, events space, and a refurbished historic building hosting a restaurant. The "Principal Tower", 175 meters high, will be one of London’s tallest residential buildings and will contribute to redesign the skyline of the City; three slim volumes compose the tower which, with its 50 floors, offers a variety of apartment sizes.

Factory Fifteen combines live footage and cgi images and depicts the atmosphere nearby; superimposing on real images some large yellow writings, coordinated with the overall communication of the project, the short film clarifies the functions, services and qualities of the space.


Architect: Foster+Partners
Mentioned project: Principal Tower (2013)
Project location: London, United Kingdom

United Kingdom 2014
Duration: 2'34''