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The Kite


As a kite, children’s imagination shall fly.

In this story, don’t expect to find any architecture too clearly present on the scene. This one-minute clip is conceptual and, more than depicting a building, it stands to testify the leading idea for it: to create a place where creativity and imagination are free.

This indeed was the request to the architects, their clients being a group of educators who intended to set up a center for supporting families in taking care of kids after school hours or during holidays. The space had to reflect the educational program based on an holistic approach. Children, depending on their age, are encouraged to learn through gaming, so as to develop creative thinking, to experiment their capabilities, dreams and attitudes. And this is exactly what the protagonist of the short film does.

The architecture only appears in the last scene. An almost ethereal touch of imagination, the kite flying all around and turning into the roof of the building. Sometimes dreams happen to turn real.


Architect: C+S
Mentioned project: 1.14 The Kite (2013)
Project location: Fontanaviva, Italy
Drawings: Valentina Cocco
Art director and VFX 3D Artist: Alessandro Mimiola

Italy 2013
Duration: 1'14''