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The Iceberg


Are you a drone or a seagull? Then please follow us!

This live-footage made by CRAC, in collaboration with 11h45, unveils the spatial dimension of the "Iceberg" housing complex in Aarhus (Denmark) and its relationship with the surrounding docklands development area, a former industrial port (one of Europe's largest harbour front city developments) transformed into a lively new city district.

The camera seems to borrow the spectacular aerial perspective of a seagull in flight to follow the roofs as they rise and fall into peaks and valleys, like floating icebergs that refract one's gaze. By means of using drones' striking visual passages across the individual volumes of the complex, the video explores the unusual topography of this project by CEBRA, JDS Architects, SeArch, and Louis Paillard.

The design is inspired by the location and the spectacular views over the Aarhus Bay, as well as by the task to respect the urban context and at the same time maximize views and sunlight conditions for every single apartment. Thanks to the jagged lines that cut up the buildings' volumes and hights, every dwelling is supplied with an optimal amount of natural lighting and waterfront views.


Architects: CEBRA, JDS Architects, SeArch, Louis Paillard Architects
Mentioned project: the Iceberg (2013)
Project location: Aarhus, Denmark

France 2014
Duration: 2'09''

Selected for HAUNTED HOUSES (Rome; September 2014), a public talk and architectural video screening curated by Image for MAXXI.