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The Gate

Filippo Romano

Meet your new public space in Milan.

Video makers Filippo Romano and Roberta Ferrari document the different atmospheres, urban stories and viewpoints that meet and intertwine around the Expo Gate, designed by Scandurra Studio in the heart of Milan on the occasion of Expo 2015.

The double-shaped temporary pavilion appears as a large transparent window, that mirrors the chaotic image of the city while being constantly open to it, to users (with its conference rooms, internal playgrounds, studying spaces) and to people who just happen to pass by on their way to other places. In the short documentary, live-footage frames and the real sounds of the city make this video work a powerful means to allow viewers to experience and perceive from a distance the city in its multifaceted aspects and its relationship with a new shared space.


Mentioned project: Expo Gate (2013-2014)
Project location: Milan, Italy
Author: Roberta Ferrari
Editing: Mariagrazia Moncada
Sound Design: Diego Colombo
Music: Star Pillow

Italy 2015
Duration: 4'38''