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The Bug

Factory Fifteen

When routine starts crumbling.

The city sometimes can be a place for risk. Since its very first scene, the sensation of falling down and crumbling is vivid in this short film when a man appears in the air and some stuff is floating around him as if after an explosion. This is only an epilogue however, and the dystopia is completely revealed with a flashback in the following scenes.

It's a London-based story. In the urban landscape, a well-known brutalist building offers the foundations for computer generated skyscrapers above. Within this environment, the protagonist, a worker within the corporate world, endures a daily routine where reality merges with a rather pervasive augmented reality. He reaches a breaking point as he gets tired of some of the repetitive daily actions he has to perform. And that’s when everything that surrounds him starts to crumble and fall, everything around decaying.

Factory Fifteen condenses in this work various suggestions. The first one is the soundtrack, being the short film produced as the video clip of two tracks titled "Functions" and "Void" taken from the "Angels & Devils" album by The Bug. The two songs are different: the first one rather aggressive, the second more ethereal. Each song was linked to different moments and feelings in the story. The group also revealed another important source of inspiration which is the work by Lebbeus Woods, but this reference is just the starting point for a personal and peculiar research in the representation of deconstruction and disintegration.

Factory Fifteen's work is oriented towards a sort of dystopian future. This interest of theirs is revealed ever since their early videos such as Megalomania, where a similar dystopic scenario made of falling structures was created. Deconstruction is a main theme in the group's production. With this short film, the observer is forced to consider how fragile our contemporary reality can be.


Music: The Bug
Production Company: Nexus
Label: Ninja Tune
Producer: Beccy McCray
Production Manager: Caroline Milsom
Director of Photography: Luke Jacobs
Lead Actor: Gary Grant
Lead Actress: Ani Lang
DIT: Prince Yemoh
VFX Supervisor: Matt Townsend
Animation / VFX: Alexey Marfin, Jonathan Gales, Paul Nicholls, Prince Yemoh, Isaac Eluwole, Carl Kenyon, Ares Simone, Roberto Brichese, Matt Townsend
Rotoscoping: Sinjarajan Studios
Art Director: James Hatt
Art Dept Assistant: Rebecca Carey, Michelle Renee
Extras: Kimberley Goldsmith, Mark Craddock, Silvia Ferreira Santos, Susete Furtado, Justinas Vilutis, Eran Amir, Patrick Dishman, Freny Pavri, Roberto Brichese, Konstatin Zhukov, Peter Efe

United Kingdom 2014
Duration: 3'53''