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Termas Geométricas. Hot Springs Complex

Pablo Casals-Aguirre

Architecture meets nature deep in the forest.

Deep inside the native forest of Villarrica National Park (X Región, Chile), this short film by Pablo Casals-Aguirre narrates how nature and human intervention meet in the Geometric Hot Springs project designed by Germán Del Sol.

The camera skillfully and slowly unveils a plain architecture that doesn't interfere with the intact beauty of around sixty springs of pure hot thermal water. Red wooden paths and ramps trace geometries that separate the built from the unbuilt environment and allow visitors to totally immerse themselves in the enchanted atmosphere of this misty landscape.

"Termas Geométricas" was part of a series of short films directed, scripted and filmed by Chilean architect and filmmaker Pablo Casals-Aguirre for "White Mountain. Chilean Contemporary Architecture Exhibition" (October 26 - December 2, 2012; Aedes Berlin), an exhibition conceived to explore and show a selection of relevant projects representative of the richness of Chilean architecture in the period 1992-2012.


Architect: Germán Del Sol
Mentioned project: Termas Geométricas (2002-2005)
Project location: Villarrica, X Región, Chile
Music: Tony Anderson

Chile 2012
Duration: 4'21''