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Teatro Aix En Provence

Stack! Studios

High definition at low speed.

This video, made by Stack! Studios in 2003, is a surprising exercise of both simulation and dissimulation. The winning project by Gregotti Associati International for the competition of a new theatre in Aix En Provence (France) seems to be explored through a physical white wooden model.

While lingering on the overlapping volumes and on the overall scheme of the scale model, "Teatro Aix En Provence" introduces the role of the Gregotti's theatre as an impressive public architecture, that has to keep up with the prestigious reputation earned by the city for its musical festival.

But after a while, as the camera slowly moves closer to observe the use of outside spaces of the building, some white figurines begin to animate and move around. It then becomes clear that the subject of the video is actually the computer rendering of a scale model.

By simulating a white and simple object to present the architecture, the video makers chose to examine the strict aesthetics of the image over the photographic realism of the contemporary 3D representations. This apparent simplicity reveals itself to be a powerful mean to focus on the points of views of the exploration, rather than on a precise description of the project.


Architect: Gregotti Associati International
Mentioned project: Opera Theatre (2003-2007)
Project location: Aix En Provence, France

Italy 2003
Duration: 3'08''

Selected for INTIMACY, the 2003 edition of the BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.