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The Piranesi Experience, Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti

Surface and body: how the razzle-dazzle technique has helped transforming the body of a power plant.

The short film “SUPERFICIE TESSUTO CORPO”, directed by Daniela De Francesco and produced by The Piranesi Experience and Wisebits, with the collaboration of The Architecture Player, explores the architecture of Powerbarn, the bioenergy power plant designed by Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti in Russi (Ravenna, Italy). Part of a large conversion program of re-naturalization of the previous industrial site owned by Eridania sugar company, Powerbarn is a virtuous example of coexistence between the industrial and the agricultural world.
Surrounded by dunes and natural pathways, the new pole for the production of electricity from renewable sources is fully encircled by the territory it derives its energy resources from. Within this system, the furnace building and the adjacent chimney stand out for their architectural qualities.

The short film, that briefly resumes Giovanni Vaccarini’s design research by referencing some of his previous built projects, introduces the theme of the surface which, in his work, almost turns into a fabric and hence into a body. The project for Powerbarn in particular hints to the Razzle Dazzle mimetic strategy that takes cues from a military camouflage technique. The building offers mutable and faceted displays of itself that vary depending on the weather, time of day and season.

Giovanni Vaccarini himself guides the narration in the short film, by recounting the significant steps in the design of Powerbarn, starting from the conceptual phase up to the definition of its relationship with the natural environment all around. Fabio Paolucci’s photography exalts the ethereal, almost abstract, qualities of the building. Daniela De Francesco of The Piranesi Experience leads the viewer to discover the solid but ever-changing materiality of the project by Giovanni Vaccarini for the bioenergy power plant in Russi (Ravenna, Italy).

(Story by Sara Marzullo, The Architecture Player)


Mentioned project: Powerbarn (2016-2019)
Project location: Russi, Ravenna, Italy
Director: Daniela De Francesco
Director of photography: Fabio Paolucci
Soundtrack: Lucia Paradiso
Colorist: Paolo Verrucci
Editing assistant: Claudio Esposito
Production: The Piranesi Experience, Wisebits
Distribution: Image MEDIA AGENCY with The Architecture Player

Italy 2019
Duration: 11'56"