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The architect as a bartender.

In this ironic and imaginative video, Metrogramma imagines the architect as a bartender of an open urban laboratory for a different use of the city, where the break for a "super-cocktail" before dinner generates a brand new urban space.

Since "people make places", the routine of various groups of people reunited at a certain time in a certain location make Bar Basso (Milan) the center for a new temporary shared space. The video becomes the occasion for a deep reflection on contemporary relationships and habits as well as on the role that architecture has on modern fluxes of dwellers within a metropolis such as Milan in the year of the Universal Exposition.

The "Superaperitivo" short movie is a project produced by Metrogramma in collaboration with Bar Basso for Foodies' Challenge, a contest aimed at involving the most representative professionals in the field of architecture, cookery, art and fashion in a common research on the theme of food design.

Authors icon Credits

Authors: Francesco Betta, Andrea Casazza, Arianna Piva
Architect: Metrogramma
Mentioned project: Superaperitivo (2015)
Project location: Milan, Italy
Photography: Alessandro Chiodo
Camera: Jacopo Niccoli
Actors: Francesco Betta, Maurizio Stocchetto
Editing: Andrea Casazza, Matteo Moriani
Set design: Andrea Casazza, Arianna Piva, Cecilia Gozzi
Music: Hot Natured, "Benediction"

Italy 2015
Duration: 2'57''