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Sulwhasoo Flagship Store in Seoul

Pedro Pegenaute

Journey through a lantern-inspired space.

As Korea lies at the heart of Sulwhasoo, so the heart of Sulwhasoo lies in Korea. This video, by Pedro Pegenaute, walks through Sulwhasoo's five story flagship building in Seoul, Korea just as a customer would walk through the store.

Asian culture is a core theme in Sulwhasoo's mission and products. This flagship building is no different, incorporating an interior structure that mimics the framework of a lantern, tapping into the rich history of the lantern as an Asian symbol for a journey. Pegenaute's down-to-earth, viewer's perspective approach to architecture shines through in the video. The camera work reflects the architecture, geometric and simple while still conveying a sense of delicacy. The building was designed in 2003 by IROJE. Neri&Hu's renovation, completed in 2016, draws inspiration from the geometric structure and illuminative qualities of a lantern. The three-dimensional latticework featured throughout the building highlights products and lighting fixtures, drawing the eye by centering these elements among its branches. Carefully placed mirrors multiply the perception of space, adding even more depth to the layers of honeycomb-like brass.

The rooftop continues the immersion, its openness captured beautifully by still camera shots that reach to the sky above the city. Each of the three aspects of experience Sulwhasoo incorporated into their building are touched upon in this video. The multi-sense appeal is illustrated both in how the building unfolds and the products themselves, displayed among the openings of the brass construct. The sense of light, both weight and illumination, increases on each successive floor, providing a true feeling of motion. Those two elements combined culminate in the third goal-- a lasting impression that stays with the customer long after they have left the building. As a lantern leads and lights the way, so Sulwhasoo's flagship store leads the customer through a journey within.

(Story by Alicia Montanez, The Architecture Player)


Architect: Neri&Hu
Mentioned project: Sulwhasoo Flagship Store (2016)
Project location: Seoul, Korea

China 2016
Duration: 4'00''